1 whole year! 1 whole year of owning and running The Birkin Service Centre and what a year it has been!

We wanted to let you into our journey so far and what we have changed and had the opportunity and pleasure of doing the last twelve months.

From the moment we knew we were buying The Birkin Service Centre  we wanted to keep it a friendly, honest, family run business whilst also starting to bring it into the next generation so that it can still be here in another 30 years time!

Firstly we didn’t hesitate to employ our good friend and old apprentice of The Birkin, Kye Bromiley. We have known Kye since he was 15 years old and he is one of the nicest, kindest and loyal guys you will have the pleasure of meeting and we are so proud and excited he became an addition to the garage along with Darrell who has been at The Birkin for the last 13 years (I am sure everyone has had the pleasure of meeting Darrell and will know just how honest and thorough he is with your MOT’s keeping you safe on the roads).

Next we got to work installing and setting up our diagnostics and re-mapping station to allow us to work on diagnosing certain problems with your car in a much more thorough manner and to enable us to do remaps for power and fuel economy.

We painted and gave the office a revamp with new carpet and a move around so that we could welcome you better and make a comfortable space to wait for your MOT or just to be able to pop in and have a brew and chat with us, which we are always up for!

One of the main things we are super proud of this last year is being able to host our learner driver workshops with Stan Brown and the young ladies and students in the Knutsford area who are about to do their test or have passed recently and want to learn more about their cars and also who are a bit afraid of going to local garages as unfortunately there can be a lack of respect towards women and young people in the industry. We show them all the basics, such as opening the bonnet, checking tyre tread depths, checking and topping up oil, when they should visit a garage and that they have nothing to be afraid of, especially here at The Birkin, we pride ourselves on treating everyone fairly and to explain what we are doing with your car so that you understand and feel confident.

We also decided to start giving the garage a more modern spruce up (it is yet to be completed but we are happy with the cool vibe it is giving) what do you think?

We sadly lost our little Pippa this last year which was hard on all at the garage and more as she was such a strong character, always welcoming everyone who came through the door with cuddles and she is missed every single day, however we do have 2 new recruits who you may have met! Coco and Tilly our 2 working cocker spaniels are here to welcome you with a little bark and a hug (be warned they love to give kisses).

We have done many services, MOTs, tyres, welding jobs and so much more in our first year and we enjoy welcoming all our customers and friends into the garage, we have been so blessed and lucky to have so many incredible customers that continue to come and support us and we honestly would not be here or where we are without YOU!

So THANK YOU, we hope you continue to come, even if it is just for advice and a shoulder or a chat!

What is in store for the future you may ask? We are excited to be offering car modifications including lowering, back box deletes, remapping and more. We are also looking into electric cars and how we can move the garage into the new age of cars (don’t worry we will still always look after your old reliable ones too) and keep your eyes peeled for an exciting car renovation project coming up!

This is just the beginning, we hope you continue on this journey with us at The Birkin Service Centre Ltd.