Why should you service your car?

A short term outlay that means long-term gains for your car

We all know there are loads of other things you think are more important to spend your money on, but you always have to think of the long term gains when it comes to car maintenance and servicing.

It’s the most obvious thing you could do for all-round benefit to keeping your wheels performing and running at their best.

Always use the same service centre

One of the huge choices you need to make first of all, is getting your car serviced each year with the same service centre.

Why, you ask?

It may not be totally apparent to a lot of people, but not just any mechanic can do a service on your car and maintain it to the best standards.

Taking your car to the same service centre every time not only looks good on the service history, but it also means that each time you go your car is being looked at by the same people, who may have changed a bulb or a tyre the last time you went in and know about the health of your car.

You don’t take your dog to just any old vet do you?

So why would you take your car to any old service centre?

Having the same service centre on your service history documents also means that the overall value of your vehicle will be retained much better over the years.

The second hand car market is so competitive and so saturated that you have to keep on top of maintaining your car to attract the best buyers if you do come to sell it in the future.

Save yourself time

Servicing means your oil levels, engine maintenance and all the little fiddly jobs you definitely don’t have time for are taken care of for you.

Who has time to check their oil levels, seriously?

As well as that, it’s a great opportunity to get a check up done, anything that needs repairing updating or tweaking can all be done during a service.

It’s a great opportunity for any small problems or issues to be spotted before they become big ones.

It’s a total no-brainer.

The most obvious reason for a service – increased performance.

Regular servicing is vital for smooth-running, reliability and ultimately the longevity of your car’s power unit.

It all comes back to the future value of your vehicle, so if those potential buyers can see the care and ultimately the few issues the car has probably had, then it’ll all add up on that selling price.

If you’re not looking to sell it, then it will definitely add extra years of use onto the life of your car.

Servicing at Birkin Service Centre

The dedicated service team at Birkin have a fantastic range of knowledge when it comes to inspecting and servicing your car.

Dealing with all sorts of specialist vehicles on a daily basis such a Maclarens, Bentleys and BMWs, they will certainly be able to recommend and carry out the best service plans and regular check-ups for your vehicle.

  • From just ¬£54.00 Birkin Service Centre offers full servicing with easy access to a huge range of quality parts either equivalent to, or are the standard manufacturer parts and a range of engine oils suitable for your car
  • Birkin technicians can also do diagnostics checks on your vehicle to assess performance and anything that could be tweaked including vehicle safety checks
  • All of our Birkin technicians are fully qualified to use the most up-to-date servicing equipment
  • Appointments for your service are available [5/6] days a week, and we even offer elderly person drop offs & pick-ups in the local area
  • All our services & MOTs are approved by and regularly inspected by the DVSA for your piece of mind
  • Need a few jobs doing while you’re here? Chat to our team about package prices for multiple jobs such as an MOT to go along with your service

To book your service, simply call 01565 750 153 or visit the car servicing section on the website to book online direct.

For more information on other facilities at Birkin Service Centre, such as re-mapping, diagnostics servicing and tyre changes, hit the links and book your free consultation online today.